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The Business Lead

By Mike Vogelaar, Executive Director


A reason we love sports is because of the stories of overcoming adversity and achievement. Six local residents will get to share their stories as recipients for the IRONMAN training scholarship and being a part of TEAM Waco.

Earlier this year, we announced an extended commitment with IRONMAN to host the two-race festival in Waco through at least 2028. The Greater Waco Sports Commission (GWSC) announced our plan to award free race entry sponsorships exclusively for local McLennan County residents or students. 

GWSC partnered with local businesses (NVDM Coaching, Waco Running Company, Rush Cycle Waco, Bicycle World, Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, Sigma Swimming, Yoga8, and Compleo Physical Therapy and Wellness) in creating scholarships valued at over $4,000 in equipment, training, and race entries – including the entry to the IRONMAN in Waco on October 15th and 16th, 2022.

This new program and six racers are named TEAM Waco – because it’s our community we get to cheer for and support together. We received 38 applications in 4 weeks. After a round of interviews, 6 McLennan County residents were selected as recipients for TEAM Waco. Their stories are of commitment, overcoming, and dedication. We have revealed their stories and will continue to document their journeys on Instagram and Facebook. We were able to reveal some quick recaps of everyone’s story and motivation. Our 8-part podcast series is shared above. Our goal is that this community will fully support TEAM Waco through the race!

Mother's Day Weekend 5K and Fun Run

Start your Mother’s Day weekend off right by celebrating moms with a fun run and 5K with some sun, beach, and waves here in Waco!

WHAT: 5K and 1 mile fun run

WHEN: Saturday, May 7th

WHERE: Waco Surf / BSR

With an exclusive pre-opening on the beach, we will have mimosas, waves, and family beach fun. Moms can also sign up for special massage treatments. Kids will get to enjoy bounce houses and a special kids area that they can have fun and play in. We will have a special prize to the family that has the most fun / creative family costume! Come have a blast with your family and our!

Click here for more details and to sign up.

*All proceeds benefit the GWSC, a non-profit organization


TEAM Waco Highlight:

Jessie Patterson

“I struggled with eating disorders for 10 years and reached recovery last year when I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant. I was not in a position to give my son the very best life possible, so I chose adoption for my son. He was placed with an amazing mom and dad that God brought into our lives. Being a birth mom, and open adoption, has been the most rewarding journey I’ve ever walked. While pregnant with my birth son, I had a total life overhaul. I realized I was not living my most free or healthy life, so our of inspiration from my perfect birth son, I took step after step towards eating disorder recovery. I’ve always wanted to do a big race in honor of the ways my son changed my life. His adoptive dad, and adoptive grandpa, have done IRONMAN races. I want to train for and complete an IRONMAN in honor of my birth son, and his adoptive parents.”

A Crew to Remember:
Arshay Cooper

Arshay Cooper is a Rower, Regional Bestselling and Award-winning author, a 2x Golden Oar recipient for his contributions to the sport of rowing, motivational speaker, activist, and the protagonist of the film, A Most Beautiful Thing. Arshay is visiting Waco with two other Olympic Rowers to share the vision of how rowing can save lives and impact this community. If you have interest in learning about how you and Waco can lead the way in diversity and rowing, please contact us. 

News Updates and Volunteer Opportunities

Silo District Marathon (April 22-24): We’ve got a race for everyone, including our USATF – certified, Boston Marathon qualifying marathon. Whether your goal is to raise awareness for a cause, take the next step of a fitness journey, or to test your own limits, you’ve come to the right rice.

GFNY Waco (June 26th): This cycling race allows you to race like a pro! There is still room for registration and the opportunity to volunteer. Non-profits can fundraise through volunteer opportunities. Contact us for more information.

Beast of the Brazos (September 11th): The annual race has move up two weeks.

The Executive Director’s Message

By Mike Vogelaar

I can’t tell you how excited and inspired I am of #TEAMWaco. These athletes get to compete because of this community but also for this community. You can follow along their journey on the Greater Waco Sports Commission social media accounts as we will have weekly check-ins and monthly highlights on their journey. If you’d like to support TEAM Waco, merchandise will be available soon to purchase on our website. Proceeds from these sale will fund future athletes in TEAM Waco. If you’d like to compete alongside these athletes, registration is open for the IRONMAN races in October 2022. Shortly after these races, GWSC will begin looking for members for next year’s TEAM Waco, so be sure to apply.