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TEAM Waco is an initiative created in hopes to knock down physical, mental, or financial barriers for five athletes wishing to complete an IRONMAN 70.3. 

Waco Sports partners with local business to help champion the Greater Waco community by providing sponsorships, which are valued at $6000 each, to overcome these barriers.   

We are happy to announce our 2024 TEAM Waco, comprised of six athletes and 1 relay team! 

A special thanks to our valued partners for making this program a reality.

Let’s go TEAM Waco!

70.3 Team Waco 2024

Relay Team Waco 2024

Shannon Best

Swim & Run


What did TEAM Waco mean to you this year?

Brian Black

“TEAM Waco was a life changer for me!! Not only was I introduced to a new community, but I was given the opportunity to develop new friendships that will last a lifetime. I’ll never forget crossing the finish line as my special needs son presented me with my medal. The expression of excitement on his face was priceless and I will always cherish that moment. 

TEAM Waco has been one big support system that encouraged me not only through the training, but most importantly life. The process became much more than just finishing a race, but a time where I learned more about myself and how to overcome obstacles in my life. I consider it an honor and privilege to represent TEAM Waco and will always be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the family!!”

Daniella DeVries

“TEAM Waco gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream to complete an Ironman triathlon that I have had for years. The support of the Waco sports commission and the numerous sponsors helped me to overcome the financial hurdles to accomplishing this dream. Above that, the support of the sports commission and all the community partners have allowed me to grow as a person and an athlete. I could not have crossed the finish line without their support. This process has given me friendships and memories that I will hold onto for a lifetime.”

Mitch Guerra

“Being a part of TEAM Waco was transformative, impacting not only my life but also resonating with family, friends, and students. The sponsorship from the Greater Waco Sports Commission made my dream of participating in Ironman Waco 70.3 a reality, breaking barriers I once thought were insurmountable due to my limited knowledge of triathlons and financial constraints.

TEAM Waco provided a powerful platform for sharing my journey as a person who stutters, emphasizing the value of facing challenges. Ironman Waco 70.3 became an opportunity to “prove myself right,” demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity and pushing through discomfort to achieve a significant goal. This journey underscored the importance of starting anew, regardless of age, and highlighted the significance of perseverance and the idea that tackling something new is a shared endeavor.”

Jennifer Harms

“TEAM Waco was an incredible opportunity that allowed me to reach a dream of mine to complete Ironman 70.3 Waco!  The support of our sponsors, the community and fellow TEAM Waco members was a huge part in my success and I could not have done it without them.

I grew tremendously both mentally and physically, while also having the platform to share my story in hopes to positively impact others. The friendships made and knowledge gained will be something I will always cherish. I am forever grateful to have had this experience!”

Kenneth McAdam

“TEAM Waco is one of the most incredible opportunities that I have ever been given. It helped me create new friendships with people I would never otherwise have met, it provided me with the essential tools required to complete a dream, and it pushed me to achieve what I would have once considered impossible.  Having four other athletes alongside me on a journey to do something we had never done before was something I will forever be grateful for. The friendships that I made during my time in TEAM Waco are ones that I will cherish forever. TEAM Waco is the reason that I can say that I have completed an IRONMAN 70.3; I am incredibly thankful to the Greater Waco Sports Commission for this program and to each business who supported me as one of our team sponsors.”

Thanks To Our Partners!