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July 2023 | Vol. 15

Dog Days of Summer

Executive Director's Message

Waco has played host to IRONMAN Waco and IRONMAN Waco 70.3 races for the past couple of years. These involve incredible teamwork and coordination with the City of Waco and the community. 

We’ve been so fortunate to have great support, but we also understand that this race has an impact on our residents. The more positive effect is the $8 million economic impact, but it has come with complications of crowding specific communities like China Spring and making the limited accessibility even more challenging. I’m excited to announce that this year the bike portion of the race will have a new bike route that travels to the southeastern part of the Greater Waco area (see map). This is BIG NEWS as it will help with community traffic flow for a rapidly growing residential area and provide a smoother course with fewer turns for the athletes. Thank you Nancy Goodnight for all your help in coordinating this!

Another exciting update is that Waco will host IRONKIDS Saturday morning (Oct 14th) of the race weekend. This will be a series of races (4) you don’t want to miss. We’ll get to cheer on kids of literally all ages with a Diaper Dash (2 years old and under), Toddler Trot (1-3yrs), a half-mile run (3-8yrs), and lastly, a full mile run (5-17yrs). Be sure to join the incredible magical fun and stay tuned for the special theme for the race. To learn more and register visit IRONKIDS and check out this short video that highlights the race.  

– Mike Vogelaar

GWSC Board Updates

The Greater Waco Sports Commission extends heartfelt gratitude to our previous chair, Shawn Trochim, and vice-chair, Jason Ramos, for their dedicated service on our board. Their leadership, passion, and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in promoting sports and enhancing the athletic landscape in our community. We are immensely grateful for their contributions and are excited to have them transition and continue to serve on our board.
The Greater Waco Sports Commission is thrilled to introduce our esteemed new Executive Board members, who will lead us with passion and expertise. Taking the helm as our new chair is Nancy Goodnight, a dynamic leader with a deep commitment to advancing sports in our community. Her vision and strategic acumen will undoubtedly drive us towards new achievements. Joining her is Loren Schwartz, our new vice-chair, whose wealth of experience in the with non-profits in Waco will bring invaluable insights to our executive board. Lastly, we welcome Brent Dragoo as our new Secretary, whose organizational skills and attention to detail will ensure smooth operations.
Lastly, we warmly welcome Russ Bookbinder to our esteemed board. Russ served as President & CEO for San Antonio Sports, the city’s non-profit sports commission from 2013-22 after previously serving on the board of directors for more than 15 years. During his tenure, they hosted national championship events for USA Swimming & Diving, USA Track & Field, the 2018 NCAA Men’s Final Four, the 2021 Women’s Final Four and will host the Men’s Final Four in 2025. With his expertise in the sports industry and passion for community development, Russ will play a pivotal role in driving our mission forward. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to the valuable contributions he will make to the Greater Waco sports community.
With this outstanding team at the helm, the Greater Waco Sports Commission is poised for a future of growth, innovation, and sporting excellence.

TEAM Waco Updates

We’re excited to partner with the City of Waco and be included in the We Are Waco Campaign.  Meet TEAM Waco in this fantastic 4 minute segment introducing you to the TEAM.

Then join us every Tuesday for a new episode on our Podcast channels on Spotify and Apple (search Greater Waco Spots) to hear a 20-minute interview as to why each member is running this race and their story.  Thank you, Rogue Media for your help in making this possible.

And remember you can follow up on social media (Instagram / Facebook) to be up to speed on all things TEAM Waco and sports here in the Greater Waco area.


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A Word from Dr. Adesina


Hydration is an essential factor in the performance of any athlete, and especially in young athletes. Adequate hydration helps maintain core body temperature, reduce fatigue, and reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), proper hydration is especially important for young athletes, who may be more at risk of dehydration due to their smaller body size and inability to recognize the signs of dehydration. The AAP recommends that young athletes drink enough fluids before, during, and after exercise to replace all of the fluids they lose. Before exercise, athletes should drink 17-20 ounces of fluid 2-3 hours before playing. During exercise, athletes should drink 7-10 ounces of fluid every 10-20 minutes. After exercise, athletes should drink 16-24 ounces of fluid for every pound lost. In addition, athletes should be aware of the signs of dehydration, which can include dark-colored urine, feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or weak, and feeling thirsty. If an athlete is experiencing any of these symptoms, they should be sure to drink plenty of fluids and seek medical attention if needed. To ensure adequate hydration, the AAP recommends that adolescents drink water or a sports drink with electrolytes during exercise.
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please call 254-752-9638