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Jose Vallejo

As a proud Waco native, my journey with TEAM Waco is all about two things: building a strong community and conquering the Ironman challenge. 

I’m blessed to be married to my wonderful wife, Jessica, and to be raising four incredible kids together. Family is one of the main motivations for me participating in this challenge. Another motivation for joining TEAM Waco was to show our community that those who have battled with substance use disorder and trauma can achieve greatness. Exercise has definitely been a saving grace in my life, proving that resilience knows no bounds.  

I also believe that TEAM Waco will help unlock my goals, especially when it comes to the swimming leg – a skill I only just learned in 2023.  With its structure of accountability, personalized training plans, and community, success with TEAM Waco is not just a possibility but a certainty.

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