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March 2023 | Vol. 11


3F: Fitness, Food Trucks, & Freedom

No (April Fool’s) joke, April 1st will be an incredible day in Waco. We’re proud to partner with local businesses and organizations to make a memorable experience for all. To kick things off, join us the night before at Guess Family BBQ from 5-9pm for a special Pre-Race Party for those wanting a lean protein meal and to meet others that are racing the next day!

Fitness (Spartan 5K):

Saturday morning will start with thousands of racers, kids and adults, competing in, through, and around McLane Stadium in this one-of-a-kind 5K race. Learn more (see here) and we can’t wait to race alongside you!  Promocode: “WacoSports” to save $45+ or “WacoKids” for 15% off. 

Food Truck Showdown:

After your morning race, head to downtown for the famous Food Truck Showdown where over 30 food trucks will showcase their amazing flavors!

Freedom (UNBOUND 5K):

Then, that night, head over to the Cameron Park Zoo for The Unbound Now Light Up The Dark 5K. Run this last race of the day (glow run) to help raise money and awareness for the incredible anti-human trafficking work of Unbound.

If you aren’t interested in competing we still need over 200 volunteers! Don’t miss out on the fun on April Fool’s that 3F can provide for the whole family.

Mother's Day Weekend Run

Last year was the inaugural Mother’s Day Run at Waco Surf The race was sold-out over a week before race day.  Join us this year on the Saturday morning (5/13) for more fun on the beach!  

This year we’ve doubled the number of race entries and course size. We’re offering the Fun Run and timed 5K and 10K courses.  All racers will receive a FREE Beach Pass ($24 value) for the rest of the day included with their race entry!  For those wanting to upgrade their experience, Milo All Day will be offering an optional VIP Brunch overlooking the lagoon.  Come join the fun and sign up before the spots are sold out!  

For those that want a head start use promocode GWSCMarch” for 10% off race registration for the next 10 days!

Upcoming Events

Check out what events are coming up in Waco and how you can get involved.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are always looking for new community partners! Please email [email protected] if you are interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities with new events for your business.

GWSC Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to check out upcoming opportunities.


A Word from Dr. Adesina

Hydration is an important factor in the performance of any athlete, and especially in young athletes. Adequate hydration helps maintain core body temperature, reduce fatigue, and reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), proper hydration is especially important for young athletes, who may be more at risk of dehydration due to their smaller body size and inability to recognize the signs of dehydration. The AAP recommends that young athletes drink enough fluids before, during, and after exercise to replace all of the fluids they lose. Before exercise, athletes should drink 17-20 ounces of fluid 2-3 hours before playing. During exercise, athletes should drink 7-10 ounces of fluid every 10-20 minutes. After exercise, athletes should drink 16-24 ounces of fluid for every pound lost. In addition, athletes should be aware of the signs of dehydration, which can include dark-colored urine, feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or weak, and feeling thirsty. If an athlete is experiencing any of these symptoms, they should be sure to drink plenty of fluids and seek medical attention if needed. To ensure adequate hydration, the AAP recommends that adolescents drink water or a sports drink with electrolytes during exercise.


Over the past two months we received nearly 50 applications from local county athletes for our TEAM Waco program.  We are now in the process of conducting in-person interviews and are excited to announce this year’s TEAM Waco representatives that will ultimately compete in the IRONMAN 70.3 Waco on Oct 15.  Follow us on social media to see who was selected!

Navy Blue Team Waco Logo

Executive Director's Message

Dear Waco,

We are thrilled to announce some exciting events coming to town, thanks to the volunteers, staff, and board members of the Greater Waco Sports Commission! We have been working hard to bring some of the best sports and entertainment to our city that activate our parks, rivers, lakes, stadium, roads, and courts.

As the Waco Sports Commission prepares for Spartan, the Texas State Rowing Championship, Kentucky Derby Watch Party at Milo, and the Mother’s Day Run- we want to take a moment to express the importance of volunteers to ensure the success of our events.

Our events rely heavily on the hard work and dedication of volunteers who help us in a variety of roles such as event set-up, hospitality, and more. Without the support of volunteers, it would be nearly impossible to host successful events that offer an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Volunteering with the Greater Waco Sports Commission is not only a great way to give back to the community, but it also offers an opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience, meet new people, and be a part of some of the most exciting events in town.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, we would love to have you on board. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels, and we will provide training and support to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in your role.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities with the Greater Waco Sports Commission, please visit our website or contact me directly ([email protected]).

We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to working with you as we’re committed to bringing the best sports and entertainment to Waco.  We can’t wait to see you there!