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Kaden Huff

I was adopted from Ethiopia in 2008, raised and homeschooled in Washington State, moved to Mexia in 2017, and ended up in Waco in 2019.  

What I have learned throughout my life journey is that it requires faith and perseverance. I have experienced overwhelming trials in my life, including homelessness and suicidal thoughts.  Thanks to my faith in Jesus, a positive mindset, and an incredibly supportive community here in Waco, I have overcome homelessness, attained an associate degree through the COVID-19 pandemic, preparing to pursue my bachelor’s degree, and live my life with a hope and purpose that is greater than myself. 

 I am grateful to the Greater Waco Sports Commission for this opportunity to share this message with others and to be a part of TEAM Waco. My goal on TEAM Waco is to complete the Ironman 70.3 and not to be the last person to finish it!  I know good training will be the key to completing the Ironman. Because of my homeschooling, I never participated in organized sports growing up and, thus, never received proper athletic training, so I am grateful to be finally receiving that coaching through TEAM Waco.

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